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Baker- Flavor Developer, Marketing, and Business Development.
Talents- Marketing, Business Development
20+ years of Visual Merchandising.

Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams
Scherrell Crocker established Cimply Sweet Bakeshop in January of 2012, at the suggestion of family and friends. Her love of baking came from watching and assisting her grandmother during the holidays. She started out licking the bowl, moved up to cracking eggs, advanced to mixing, measuring and finally graduated to making an entire pound cake. As she got older, she took up the mantle from which her grandmother passed on. “I began creating recipes, putting my own special twist on them,” says Scherrell. With her husband’s blessing and a swift kick from a close friend she left Corporate America and decided to pursue a lifelong dream of baking. Rapidly the news that she was baking full time began to spread; shortly thereafter calls and emails began coming in for orders. Cimply Sweet Bakeshop has been moving full speed ahead since its launch in January and is already backed by an enthusiastic clientele of customers. Cimpy Sweet has recently signed up with Kennesaw State’s Edge Program, which provides access to a larger industrial kitchen and offers more storage space. Cimply Sweet Bake Shop will be moving into their first storefront location soon and with many more to come. 

Rasheda Mitchell is the creative and marketing mind behind the gourmet cupcake brand. She has helped conceptualize and develop marketing apparatus for several businesses and organizations. Now she has partnered with Scherrell Crocker in their joint venture, Cimply Sweet Bakeshop. From her early years as a designer and innovator Rasheda has always been sought after as an aficionado. Her love for presentation first cultivated at family functions where she ensured the decorations from her Godmother were displayed neatly. In her teenage years is where she began developing her ability to marry visual displays and merchandise. “As a child I remember my favorite pastimes being spent creating displays and redecorating my room,” Rasheda recalls. She eventually went on to college to pursue her degree in merchandising and design at the International Academy of Design & Merchandising in Tampa, Florida.